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Hear from happy clients how they used the science of cannabis and the Healing Project's customized diagnosis-specific dosing protocols for dogs to help heal their pets!

Bud the Dog Uses Cannabis Oil to treat his fibrosarcoma cancer



I have worked with Jesse for over 2 years helping our Bud have a quality life after having a cancerous oral fibrosarcoma removed in 2019. Jesse is responsive, caring, knowledgeable and stays current with what’s going on in the field of treating dogs with CBD/cannabis. I trust Jesse and his wife Isabel to listen and help me make the best decisions for my dogs. Our Bud is 12 now and remains on his remission oils and loves life. I thank Jesse and The Healing Project for giving us all this extra time.


5 stars isn’t a strong enough recommendation for what Jesse has provided our family. Thank you!!

Diana Mitchell



Meet Kona - our 11 year old 10.3 lb Maltese. Kona was diagnosed 20 months ago with probable B-Cell Lymphoma. Kona was 10 years old and 8 lbs 14 oz at diagnosis (Note he's gained almost a pound and a half AFTER diagnosis!). Kona also suffers (suffered!) from Chronic Pancreatitis and Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Perhaps he is part cat as he's on about 6 of those 9 lives.

On June 10th, one day after diagnosis (we didn't even have the results back) we began working with The Healing Project and started CBD and THC oils. Now, for Kona, I had serious doubts that this would work because of his pancreatitis. Kona's diet was nearly fat free and the thought of giving him nearly a quarter teaspoon of oil a day was incomprehensible. Jesse, however, looked at me kindly and said "Kim, it will work".

So we started slowly, slower even than Jesse recommended. Literally with one drop on the first and second days and then working our way up drop by drop, day by day. We eventually got to 28 drops of CBD and up to 12 drops of THC per day. And you know what?? Jesse was right! Kona's pancreatitis is better than it has been in years - better than any vet was able to help him with prescription foods and diets that didn't work.

As for the lymphoma, the nodes around his neck shrunk fairly quickly by about half. Kona's appetite and energy have been, and remain, excellent!


While our hopes are always for a full remission, we didn't achieved that. Kona's nodes, around the neck in particular, have grown slowly, but have remained managed. However, the most important part is that Kona was given 6-12 weeks of survival without treatment... And today we are at 20 months! And not just months, but months of NO bad days.

We are just back from the vet, and her words were:

"I'm continually amazed at how well Kona is doing without any treatment (meaning no chemo and not really acknowledging the cannabis treatment). Yes, his lymph nodes have grown, but he has outlived his prognosis for no treatment as well as his prognosis with treatment (chemo)."

And then she said the best part, "Keep doing what you are doing."

My heartfelt thanks to The Healing Project for guiding and educating me on how to help my pup. I appreciate you so much.

-Kim Kelly



My Golden, Fiona was diagnosed Jan.1, 2020 with advanced Lymphoma in her stomach and small intestine that was already eating away at the linings in both areas. She stopped eating early in Dec. After multiple vet visits, we were sent to the Vet Speciality Hospital. She was hospitalized and an Nasogastric tube was inserted for feeding. After an Endoscopy and biopsies were performed, the horrific news was delivered. $13,000.00 dollars later. I was told she had a max of 4 weeks to live. Chemo was not an option due to finances. I brought her home with an Esophageal feeding tube and the extensive research began on my part to save my Sweet Pea. After combing hundreds of websites, FBk. groups and reading everything I could get my hands on, I stumbled across a You Tube Video: My Dog Beat Cancer with Cannabis by Tino, featuring Jesse and Isabel Ramirez. At that moment, God answered my prayers. I took a leap of faith and made that phone call for a consultation with Jesse. I found Jesse to be very knowledgeable and free willing to answer my multitude of questions. 
Fiona began cannabis oils and we weaned her off the prednisone. By the end of the first week she began to eat on her own and continued to eat on her own thereafter. Two weeks later I removed the feeding tube. Any time I had questions, Jesse immediately responded with advice and encouragement. We had to adjust the dosages a few times and then keep going again. Fiona is now on her maintenance dosage and is doing very well. 19 months post diagnosis. We just celebrated her 10th birthday and the vet is astonished that she is still with us. If it wasn't for Jesse and Isabel becoming such an important part of our lives, she wouldn't be.

I will always be extremely grateful to them for their help. They are very gifted people! I highly recommend them.

Paula Marden

French Bulldog





In Jan 2018 , my pup Benny was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. In Feb He had his leg amputated . I’d already been the chemo route with another one of my dogs and it made him so sick and pretty miserable for what life he had left. Desperate to help my boy and get more time with him I scoured the internet to see what else I could do to help him. That’s when I stumbled on a Facebook page for dogs with cancer and found out about Jesse’s cannabis oils and the healing project . I have to admit I was hesitant at first , but I am SO glad I took the chance and contacted Jesse! He explained everything to me and guided me through how to gradually dose my pup and give him a fighting chance. I totally understood that Jesse was one guy trying his best to help literally 1,000’s of people help save their dogs, but I was beyond thankful for his knowledge, compassion and help! If I didn’t hear back from him right away, I politely contacted him again later that day, as I knew he had a lot of other people he was helping as well. Jesse always responded, even if it did take a bit to get back to me, but I understood and appreciated all he was doing for us. Not just me, but for everyone who was desperate for his help. 
I am beyond thrilled that cannabis oils and Jesse's dosing protocols gave me 17 FABULOUS months with my Benny! 
The two vets and oncologist that I was dealing with were all curious to see how this would work out being that they never had a dog treated for cancer with cannabis. All three of them were on board with my decision to treat him this way and all felt that 17 months was a success with this very aggressive type of cancer which usually only gets you about 4-6 months with amputation only! I was beyond thankful for that time and the fact that they were happy healthy and active months! I owe it all to Jesse and cannabis oils! 
Since then I used cannabis oils myself to help with my healing after a knee surgery snd I recovered way faster than expected. 
Last month another one of my dogs, Ollie, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. My immediate thought was to contact Jesse once again and get her started on cannabis oil as well!

I honestly owe the world to Jesse and his wife Isabel who truly have their hearts in helping others! 
I feel so blessed to have found them that day back in 2018. They have been a Godsend to me and my pets. 
It feels so great to be able to fight cancer in a much healthier gentler way. 
One thing I do have to say is - DONT WAIT! Get your pup started on this right away. Not after nothing else has worked!
If there were 100 stars I’d give Jesse, Isabel and the healing project 100 stars!

-Sherri Rapp

French Bulldog



Megan Buckalew

group-of-pets-in-a-row-dogs-cats-ferret-rabbit-2021-10-20-00-29-01-utc copy.jpg

Mannix was diagnosed with injection site sarcoma in June 2017. He had two surgeries and a full round of radiation. Treatment was completed at the end of August. A new tumor grew at the incision site the Monday before Thanksgiving 2017. He was given 3-4 months. No options for treatment left. I found Jesse and started him on the recommended cannabis oils the third week in January 2018. He is alive and well today and doing great for almost 13 years of age. I thank God every day I found Jesse and this treatment. 

We don't just help treat dogs, all animals have an Endocannabinoid System and can benefit from cannabis!

Humans too!

Lily with Ball..jpg


On a cold day in early January, 2021, our Canine PT therapist noticed a small lump on Lily's shoulder. I had noticed it before and as it was not hard, nor growing all that fast, I thought nothing of it. The therapist mentioned that it was new and worth watching. About two weeks later the lump grew to nearly ten times the size. We immediately took her to our vet. 
The vet performed a needle asperate which revealed nothing. However, further sampling and analysis by a lab revealed that this was indeed a sarcoma and needed to be removed. After diagnosis, we immediately put Lily on CBD and Cannabis oil from The Healing Project. After her surgery, with the lump removed, we continued her cannabis treatment and are happy to say that there have been no signs of metastasis nor has the tumour returned.
Our Lily is happy, healthy and playful!

Carl Furst

French Bulldog



In September of 2020, we noticed that our almost 6 year old Goldendoodle, Larry, was having some pain in his front left leg. He was limping and having a hard time getting up in the morning. At first we thought he injured it playing, but after a visit to the vet and some x-rays, we unfortunately found that the bone in his leg was deteriorating. This was most likely due to a cancerous tumor. We weren't 100% sure yet that it was cancer, but after meeting with an oncologist and surgeon, they explained that either way he was in pain and that the bone would not regenerate or get better. We then made the heartbreaking decision to amputate his leg (November 2020) in order to free him from the pain and give him a better quality of life.  

After his leg was removed, they did a biopsy of the bone and found that it was in fact a cancerous tumor--osteosarcoma. We then dealt with taking Larry for a number of rounds of chemotherapy. We thought he was doing great, but during his chest x-ray before what was supposed to be his last round of chemo (May 2021) the vet found that the cancer had metastasized and spread to his lung. She recommended not treating him with his last round of chemo because it is ineffective at that point. She did recommend putting him on an oral chemo and we agreed to that.  

After finding that his cancer spread, we wanted to do absolutely anything we could to give Larry more time with us. We happened to come across Jesse and his cannabis protocol on facebook. I set up a phone meeting with him and after talking we decided to give it a try and immediately get our boy on cannabis oils. We took Larry for follow up exams and chest x-rays almost every month. The nodule in his lung was holding steady at the same size. No growth and no new nodules. In September 2021 our oncologist reported that it looked like the existing nodule was actually a bit smaller and in November 2021, his x-ray showed that the cancerous spot had disappeared. To quote the radiologist's report, "The previously described left caudal pulmonary nodule appears to have resolved." His last check up and chest x-ray was February 2022 and there are still no signs of any new cancerous nodules.  

When this all started and we first found out that Larry had cancer, we didn't think he was going to make it to his next birthday but he is still with us and he is doing great. He has adapted to 3 legs and is full of life and full of energy. He's 7 years old and plays like a 6 month old puppy. If it weren't for his missing leg, you'd never know that there was ever anything wrong with him. We truly believe that being on Jesse's protocol has not only extended his life, but it has also helped to give him a great quality of life. I would 100% recommend it to anyone. Larry is a beloved member of our family and we are so grateful and so appreciative to still have him with us. 

Ben Shepard

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